Episode 1: I Like Martians (Act 1)

Episode One, I Like Martians has finally been posted.
Go nuts, do whatever.

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Of Episodes and Acts

One of the reasons I revived this was, upon reflecting on its last run, Damn It, Monkey! Just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Ratboy works great as a serial, but this comic lost a lot as a serial. At its heart, it’s a parody, and the format needs retained as episodic in… Read More »

Rebooting Is All The Rage

So, here’s what I’m doing — rebooting this comic. Rebooting is all the rage today amongst the kids. Some of you may remember from many years ago Damn It, Monkey! was a serial. Some of you may have actually even enjoyed it. Let’s face it, though; Damn It, Monkey! was never meant to be a… Read More »