About The Web Comic

Damn It, Monkey was originally conceived long, long time ago in state far, far away. At least far away from me. Damn It, Monkey! is episodic by nature – just like a T.V. Show, and I encourage binge watching it.

Originally toyed with in my dad’s basement, with a monkey puppet, it never really saw the light of day at first as it was intended to be nothing more than a sitcom, and being a teenager in the Midwest, it’s not easy to find someone to pitch a sitcom to, especially one starring a puppet – a puppet I actually still have. Somewhere.

It’s taken several forms over the years, and I think this is the best way to approach it at this point to really do what I want to do with the comic. I ended it last time as it was presented as a serial, and let’s face it, it works a lot better this way, even if the update schedule is few and far between by its very nature.

Damn It, Monkey! is drawn by atom8bit. Check out his other stuff because you care. You care, right?
Whatever. Make an effort, man.

Finishing Up Episode 1

Long time, no see! I finally got the redesign of the site done, and more importantly all of Episode 1: I Like Martians is now up!

I’ve simplified and cleaned up the navigation a little, and I’ve also gone back and actually cleaned up, well, almost all of the pages before. So it would really be awesome if you just kind of read the entire thing again, start to finish. I crammed a couple of more jokes in as a bonus. I don’t promise they’re good jokes, but they’re there.

Now to get to work on Episode 2.

Of Episodes and Acts

One of the reasons I revived this was, upon reflecting on its last run, Damn It, Monkey! Just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Ratboy works great as a serial, but this comic lost a lot as a serial. At its heart, it’s a parody, and the format needs retained as episodic in format.

Before rebooting it, I really deliberated on this one specific fact. How do I do a web comic that’s 30+ pages that need posted at a time? My schedule doesnt really allow me to churn these out as regularly as I’d like at this point. And so it occurred to me, why not post each episode in acts? I mean, any proper episode of something has three acts, and if I’ve done my job as a writer (I know I sometimes don’t quite hit that mark), then three acts it is.

Very soon – within a week or two (ideally! no promises) I’ll have act 1 of I Like Martians ready to go.
…No matter what Arby’s says about it.

Rebooting Is All The Rage

So, here’s what I’m doing — rebooting this comic. Rebooting is all the rage today amongst the kids.

Some of you may remember from many years ago Damn It, Monkey! was a serial. Some of you may have actually even enjoyed it. Let’s face it, though; Damn It, Monkey! was never meant to be a serial. In entity, the whole thing is a parody of sitcoms; a vehicle for certain tropes, and all this just never worked out in serial format. I’ll leave that to Ratboy Is Dead because it works there, much better than it would here.

And, yes, the first episode is coming. Soon, hopefully. We’ll see, man.