Concept Art And More On Episode 2

Episode 2 is now being pencilled! I#039;ve fully written it, although I#039;m sure it#039;ll be tweaked a bit here and there. It#039;s actually a completely new story, as well -- Damn It, Monkey! in one form or another always began with the Martians being eaten. Now that that#039;s out of the way, some completely new content is coming. Timely content, somewhat, which wasn#039;t the intent but I#039;ll work with it.

I thought I#039;d share a couple pencillings of some concepts for Episode 2:

Stacy#039;s New Coat

Okay, I admit, this isn#039;t really huge to the story. It#039;s kind of a throwaway gag and not an obvious one at that. But the coat is pretty nice, yeah?

...and isn#039;t a bit odd to see her smile?

Some Nerds

These two nerds actually have a specific scene with Stacy while she wear#039;s her pretty new coat. Nerds play a big part of this episode, so here#039;s a couple of the more prominent ones in act 1.

You can actually see these and some more art on my instagram.

One final note, by episodes, I mean sitcom episodes. Not like chapters of a saga. If I meant that, you can guarantee that episode 2 would be completely about sand.