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On posting parts of episode 2

Going to try something different with this next episode of Damn It, Monkey!… I’ll post a scene at a time instead of going for a full act before an update, as I did with episode 1. Mostly I decided on this because Episode 2 is going to be a fair deal longer, I believe (act… Read More »

Concept Art And More On Episode 2

Episode 2 is now being pencilled! I’ve fully written it, although I’m sure it’ll be tweaked a bit here and there. It’s actually a completely new story, as well — Damn It, Monkey! in one form or another always began with the Martians being eaten. Now that that’s out of the way, some completely new… Read More »

Finishing Up Episode 1

Long time, no see! I finally got the redesign of the site done, and more importantly all of Episode 1: I Like Martians is now up! I’ve simplified and cleaned up the navigation a little, and I’ve also gone back and actually cleaned up, well, almost all of the pages before. So it would really… Read More »

Of Episodes and Acts

One of the reasons I revived this was, upon reflecting on its last run, Damn It, Monkey! Just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Ratboy works great as a serial, but this comic lost a lot as a serial. At its heart, it’s a parody, and the format needs retained as episodic in… Read More »

Rebooting Is All The Rage

So, here’s what I’m doing — rebooting this comic. Rebooting is all the rage today amongst the kids. Some of you may remember from many years ago Damn It, Monkey! was a serial. Some of you may have actually even enjoyed it. Let’s face it, though; Damn It, Monkey! was never meant to be a… Read More »