Of Episodes and Acts

One of the reasons I revived this was, upon reflecting on its last run, Damn It, Monkey! Just didn#039;t work the way I wanted it to. Ratboy works great as a serial, but this comic lost a lot as a serial. At its heart, it#039;s a parody, and the format needs retained as episodic in format.

Before rebooting it, I really deliberated on this one specific fact. How do I do a web comic that#039;s 30+ pages that need posted at a time? My schedule doesnt really allow me to churn these out as regularly as I#039;d like at this point. And so it occurred to me, why not post each episode in acts? I mean, any proper episode of something has three acts, and if I#039;ve done my job as a writer (I know I sometimes don#039;t quite hit that mark), then three acts it is.

Very soon - within a week or two (ideally! no promises) I#039;ll have act 1 of I Like Martians ready to go.

...No matter what Arby#039;s says about it.