Damn It, Monkey! Cast

Monkey from Damn It, Monkey!


The titular star of Damn It, Monkey!. Monkey is a super intelligent primate from outer space. His origins remain a mystery and are addressed, at best, briefly before someone gets irritated. Cranky, often indignant, and full of ideas that will never actually work, Monkey’s inventions usually seem to end up in disaster.


The 17 year old daughter of the Stevens clan. Her family rightfully fears her, buy really she’s just misunderstood. Or she really is a sociopath bent on spreading pain and destruction. Guess we’ll wait and find out just what evil things are in store from her.


Stacy’s younger brother, and a freshman in high school. Even he secretly wonders how he made it that far. Naive, obsessed with video games and snacks, Rob is also cheerful and optimistic.


Mom is, well, the mom of the Steven’s clan. A lover of fine cognacs, aged wine, any kind of gin, vodka, tequila, and cheap beer. And craft beer. And the list goes on. Really, nobod knows how this stay at home wife really accomplishes anything.


Dad is conservative, works hard, and is a stern, no nonsense figure in the household. He is particularly distasteful of everything Monkey has ever done, as it has significantly lowered property values for him.


Squirt is the younger adopted brother of the Steven’s clan. Mysterious, creative and precocious, Squirt’s outlook on life is either advanced beyond his years, or something he just picked up on TV.

The Martians

A group of war-like, religious space aliens bent on destroying Monkey. Nobody knows why, except for them, and maybe Monkey, but who knows? Their ship resembles a disembodied foot, and nobody knows why. Not even them.